Set the Stage with Metamorphoses

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Deer Park’s summer production is in full swing— a play derived from the Latin book by Ovid respectively named “Metamorphoses.” The theater kids worked hard on this show for months, up till opening night on October 5th where it was performed in the black box. Greek mythology is a very diverse world, and with this emotional yet humorous twist this production will be one you’ll never forget.
The play tells eight different stories from the book, each with an overall message- the importance of love or greed. 35 kids in long flowing gowns and strong diction captivated the audience. Narrators for each scene helped to explain the context; such as who the Gods were or what they had experienced in their life. These hard-working students delivered a truly beautiful play.
Directors Ms. Kelly Lawrence and Ms. Ramina Mirmortazavi have several years of experience organizing productions, starting usually with auditions in May, then planning in summer, with rehearsals beginning in August.

“It’s a very different play, it has a pool in it, and people find that interesting when they see the kids swimming around. Especially when there’s a splash zone” Ms. Lawrence said.

This year unfortunately, Hurricane Harvey swept in for a week which caused some major drawbacks. The theater department did their best to catch up, which can be shown through their perseverance in Metamorphoses.
Hopefully, everyone was able to go watch this play as closing night was last Sunday October 15th .  There was a full house every night they performed which they are really proud about. That following Monday, rehearsals for their next project ‘Arabian Nights’ begun. Day in and day out the performers and tech students work their hardest to put on an unforgettable show.

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