The Bookish Review Episode 1: The Song of Achilles

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The Bookish Review Episode 1: The Song of Achilles

In this inaugural episode of The Bookish Review, we delve into the historical fiction novel “The Song of Achilles” by Madeline Miller. We’ll provide a summary of the book, share our reading experience, and offer the narrator’s insights.

During the episode, we explore three of the narrator’s favorite quotes, discussing their significance and impact on the story’s flow. Additionally, we’ll recommend similar books, including one that, while differing in story, shares intriguing similarities in detail.

So, Bookworms, prepare to discover whether “The Song of Achilles” should be your next read. Stay tuned for more episodes of The Bookish Review, where we’ll explore a variety of books—some you may be considering and others you haven’t yet thought to read.

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