Behind the Scenes of Deer Park Football

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In the inaugural episode of the Antler Podcast’s Behind the Scenes series, Mariah, Arlette, and Keyla engage in a discussion with players Kyle and Reed, as well as Coach Medley, exploring the intricacies of a typical week’s preparation for a football game.

In this insightful conversation, the Antler Podcast delves into the inner workings of the football team’s routine, shedding light on the collaborative efforts of players and the guidance provided by Coach Medley and the other staff. From strategic planning to rigorous training sessions, the discussion provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the dedication and teamwork required to ensure a well-prepared and coordinated performance on the field. Listeners gain a deeper appreciation for the meticulous preparation that precedes each football game, illustrating the commitment and passion that drive the team’s pursuit of success.

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