Getting to Know Your Queen

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The huge field lights beat down upon the six members of the 2017 Deer Park Homecoming Court. Moments pass by as every spectator, football player, and Queen candidate anticipate the announcement of who would forever be known as the Homecoming Queen.

Senior, Candis Ortiz, Kristina Garza, and Savannah Anderson stand at attention with their escorts, ready to hear the final results. Eventually, the announcer’s booming voice can be heard throughout the entire city when he states “The Deer Park High School 2017 Homecoming Queen is…”

Kristina Garza could be described by many as an energetic presence, focused student, and extremely caring friend. Throughout her high school career, she has been involved many activities. Kristina was awarded with academic excellence all four years of high school, a member of National Honor Society, competed at state level for FCCLA, and is heavily involved in her church and volunteering while heading up many community projects. She is the Vice President of Youth for Christ and is involved in many volunteer organizations such as Rose of Sharon.

Moments after the tiara was placed on her head, Kristina admitted she felt the event was crazy as she was shaking and laughing.

“I was just trying to make sure I got to my spot and have enough room. My brother didn’t trip on my dress, but it was really awkward and people were staring at me,” Garza said.

Every year, there’s always a question of how one is actually voted to be crowned. Many believe it is simple luck while others believe that it is popularity or the overwhelming majority. Kristina Garza was able to uncover how she “lucked out” in the end.

“The secret is, the day of nominations you just tell people to vote for you. I don’t know, that’s just how it happened,” Garza said. She wasn’t expecting a huge turnout, so she was extremely surprised when the nominees were revealed. She was also excited to be escorted by her little brother, Jacob, onto the field. “He was really excited, but I was yelling at him so he wouldn’t step on my dress. Now he’s famous at school, ” Garza said.

Kristina’s plans after high school include traveling the world and eventually becoming a nurse.

“My biggest fear is not being able to do both, so I know I can find a way to do both,” Garza said. The quote she lives by contains that “everything happens for a reason”.

Kristina also clings to the verse Joshua 1:9 found in the Bible. She thrives in the knowledge that her God is with her wherever she goes.

Reflecting on all of those who voted for her and were rooting for her, Kristina is very thankful for the opportunity she achieved.

“Thank you, I love you, and everything is going to be great,” Garza said. While Kristina was in the spotlight for a while, she is considered by many to be humble and gracious. Her spirit ignites optimism in those surrounding her and there is no question to why she was crowned Deer Park Homecoming Queen 2017.




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