Love Across America

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Building upon years of tradition, the JROTC organization prepares for Wreaths Across America. Wreaths Across America is an event where people gather to place wreaths on the graves’ of fallen soldiers. This beautiful and touching event has grown to become many of the JROTC members favorite event.
“[Wreaths Across America] is always fun and it’s nice to get out there in the community,” JROTC Member, Stevie Stroder, said.
Wreaths Across America is a great opportunity for students to get in touch with the community. Wreaths Across America invites everyone including parents, students and Veterans to help support our fallen troops. Wreaths Across America has existed for many years in order to help respect and salute our fallen soldiers.
“I’ve done this for five years now. Once before high school, with my family, then I had the opportunity to wear a uniform which made it that much better. My grandfather, before I knew him was buried at one of our locations for Wreaths Across America and being able to salute him in uniform is an honor. ” JROTC Member, Kirkland Bocox, said.
For many students Wreaths Across America has become much more than just a school event. Many kids like Bocox have family members who are buried in these various locations. This is an event for everyone to help honor deceased family members. Many JROTC members want to follow in their family members, footsteps and serve the United States military. Having the opportunity to represent and honor these family members is truly moving for each student.
“[Wreaths Across America] is a really great experience. [Wreaths Across America] is really great ; veterans come out and talk about their past and you get an experience for what they went through,” Bocox said.
Wreath Across America brings the community together and allows everyone to share their own personal memories. Wreaths Across America also helps family members gain closure from the passing of a loved one. For some family members who are related to these fallen soldiers and veterans Wreaths Across America helps handle their grief. Wreaths Across America also gives these families comfort by reminding them that their family lives in a better place and that they died bravely.  Wreaths Across America is an event that leaves a permanent mark on every heart. It’s an everlasting memory that will leave a mark on the attending members’ hearts.

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