Video Game Club makes staying after school enjoyable

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Deer Park High School has a Game Club and the instructor in charge is Kirby Schmidt. This organization brings gamers together to have fun after school on Mondays at 4:00-5:15 pm and Wednesdays from 4:00 to 6:00 pm and offers a fun and exciting way to interact with others. In this organization they play card games, interact with the each other, and have fun.

“In the future we will continue meeting on our regular schedule but we will also be participating in several school and community events such as Get in the Group, the Homecoming Tailgate Parade, and the Homecoming parade.” Game club Organizer, Kirby Schmidt, said. “Also, we’re looking at doing different activities on weekends like charity events, fundraisers, and trips to various places, like visiting OniCon with Anime Club later this fall.”

Game club is going to be participating in a lot of events this year according to the students that are in Game club.

“They play video games, but also they play card games. It used to be run by Mrs. Flint but now it’s being run by Mr. Schmidt.” former game club member, Lidia Pena, said.

If you are in game club you’ll have some fun with others.

“The purpose of Game Club is to provide a positive and relaxing atmosphere for students to play games with their friends, socialize, and share the games they enjoy with others.” Schmidt said.

Game club is an enjoyable organization for anyone and everyone to have a pleasant after school experience.


  1. Hello! Wil you have this club for the 2023/2024 school year? Where can I find up to date information regarding days, times, and location of club meetings?

    Thank you!

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