Good Morning Angels

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Ariana grande fans are thrilled about the Charlie’s Angels soundtrack. Charlie’s Angels has a set premiere date to theaters on November 15, 2019. Rising pop star Ariana Grande co-produced and co-wrote a soundtrack for the film alongside Max Martin, Ilya Salmanzadeh, and Savan Kotecha. On November 1, 2019 Ariana Grande released the soundtrack for fans early. She created an all female album with the voice talents of big names in music such as Miley Cyrus, Normani, Lana Del Rey, Nicki Minaj, and many more. The soundtrack will for sure to take you on an adventure and enhances the movie experience in a fun, fierce way.


The soundtrack consists of 11 tracks and after listening to the album myself I can say that it is definitely that it is a work of art. The album showcases many themes of female empowerment, teamwork, bravery, and independence which are themes that today’s society should focus on more. Kash Doll, Kim Petras, ALMA and Stefflon open up the soundtrack with the track ‘How It’s Done’ and immediately go right into showcasing those messages and the strength of women.


“Got your head held high like you’re star struck. You a boss, you know how to run a bag up,” Kash Doll, featured artist, said.


Another collaboration on the album that shows this message is ‘Don’t Call Me Angel’ by Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, and Lana Del Rey. Fans were already hooked onto the song when the pop beat starts playing. Cyrus starts it off with the first verse with a memorable lyric that kept fans glued to the track.


“I make my money and I write the checks. So say my name with a little respect. All my girls successful,” Miley Cyrus, featured artist, said.


Grande’s and Victoria Monet’s track ‘Got Her Own’ completely shows the message of independency with the lyrics “He might got money, but I bet she got her own. You know she independent, when she leave her all alone.” These collaborations really stood out in their own ways on the soundtrack.


The soundtrack also includes amazing vocals from two of the greatest female artists Chaka Khan, and Donna Summer. These two have tracks back to back from each other and got the spotlight for their amazing vocal showcases. Donna Summer’s 1979 hit ‘Bad Girls’ has transformed into a fun and upbeat track for the new generation to listen too. While Chaka Khan teams up with Ariana Grande on ‘Nobody’ bringing powerhouse vocals to the soundtrack along side Grande. This track really stands out because of how the production gives a funky type of vibe to the album and how well Grande’s and Khan’s voices blend together. Newer generations can become more familiar with older artist and expand their music taste just a little bit more.


Aside from the many collaborations featured on the album Ariana Grande, Anitta, and Danielle Bradbery all take the spotlight with solo tracks on the album. Anitta brings diversity to the soundtrack with her all Spanish track ‘Pantera’ she spices up the album and definitely stands, out from the rest of the artist and other tracks on the soundtrack. Grande takes the spotlight next with her track ‘How I look On You’. The production on the track will have listeners hooked and interested in the very beginning with a heavy bass play which then transitions into the pop beats. Along with the fire production on the track Grande’s vocals elevate it to a whole other level and she certainly did an amazing job on this song. Danielle Bradbery gives the soundtrack a beautiful piano ballad titled ‘Blackout’ that is guaranteed to still the show and keep listening hooked. Bradbery also showcases strong vocals and harmonies and stands out from the other tracks.


The soundtrack definitely brings a great amount of diversity and perfectly fits every genre of music together flawlessly. After listening, its brought excitement for the film raise even more and Grande did an amazing job with creating this soundtrack and placing the tracks in an order that flows well. Closing the soundtrack paying tribute to Jack Elliott’s and Allyn Ferguson’s  old Charlie’s Angles theme song with a new modernized renovation. I enjoyed this soundtrack very much and personlly think it fits perfectly with the film and showcases important messages well.

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