1000 Degrees Neapolitan Pizza

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Pizza is a staple of American cuisine and there are no lack of chains across the nation. Everyone knows about Papa Johns with Peyton Manning, and Little Caesars with their Hot-N-Ready, but a less known pizzeria has opened on Spencer, 1000 Degrees Neapolitan Pizza. With two locations in the Houston area, and more coming soon in Dallas and San Antonio, students want to know what it is all about, so the Deer Network took a trip to find out.

The beginning of our trip started off satisfying. With bright faces, the entire staff greets every customer that walks in. Each member of our party ordered a 10″ personal pizza. Customers can either build their own pizza, or order off the menu. While we were building our own pizzas, the workers were extremely helpful, giving us their suggestions. We went down the line choosing everything for our pies, from cheese and sauce to meat and veggies. When we were finished building the pizza, they put it into the oven to cook.

Our food came out very quickly, and the workers brought them to our tables. At this point our trip took a different path. The pizza itself, left something to be desired. The cheese was too stringy and overwhelming, while the crust was soggy. It was very hard to eat, as the cheese fell off the crust. The toppings were not bad, excluding a few pieces of burnt spinach. The consensus among our party was that the build-your-own pizzas were not the best. However, it did seem as though the pizzas ordered off the menu were better. The crust was not as soggy or greasy. A few staffers previously visited the pizzeria earlier in the week and noted that the pizza slices were cooked to perfection.

1000 degrees Neapolitan pizza hasĀ a great environment with great service, but slacks in the customized pizza department. Conversely, we did feel that other menu items were wonderful. With time, I believe the pizza will get better, and if the service stays as good as it is, the establishment will thrive.


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