Suicide Squad Review

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Suicide Squad is a movie about a group of villains from the DC Comic universe, coming together to stop an ultimate evil that they see as a threat to their way of life, with a star studded cast featuring Will Smith as Dead shot,  Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, and Jared Leto as the Joker.

…and, that’s about it, there is not a lot of character development, bad pacing, and the occasional plot hole.

The movie starts with most of the cast in Belle Reve prison, and Amanda Waller, the head of Task Force X, wants to take the group of villains and turn them into soldiers. Then, the Enchantress, the antagonist of the movie, who Task Force X had power over, decided that she didn’t want to work for them any longer, and frees her brother, Incubus. They try to take over the world, and that’s how they get the Suicide Squad to work with each other against them..

From there, it turns into the Dead Shot and Harley Quinn movie, as they get the most character development.

The action in the movie was ample. Conversely, the fight scene with Harley Quinn in the elevator was extravagant because the actress, Margot Robbie did the stunts herself. It was well choreographed as well as professionally shot. The camera angles made it seem like it wasn’t actually fought in a cramped elevator. The CGI was okay, and the story at times made sense.  By the end of the movie the team ends up beating The Enchantress, and saves the day.

Overall Suicide Squad was a movie with an all-star cast, strange character development and great action scenes.

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