Yearbook Staff Breaks Tradition, Offers Options for Senior Portraits

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Seniors have the opportunity to schedule their senior portraits, with no sitting fee, after school in October.

There has been a major change in how senior portraits are being scheduled. The portraits will be on October 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 17 with additional days that may be added as necessary at South Campus, and students will sign up for time slots. Seniors will receive notice through advisory, and unlike in previous years, there will be no fee for getting the pictures taken, but only for copies of the pictures.

“What we want to do is to try to make sure every senior gets their picture in the yearbook. To do this, we are offering flexibility in the schedule and no longer charging a sitting fee,” Yearbook Adviser Amy Gullett said.

Seniors will be allowed the standard option of cap and gown photos along with the traditional tuxedo photos for guys and drape photos for girls. Breaking tradition, the yearbook staff designed the senior portrait section around a new portrait style.

“We wanted to try something new and a little more trendy, to also try to reveal the individual personalities of each and every senior with a new kind of picture,” Gullett said.

Portrait time slots are offered from 2pm to 7pm in room 2341 at South Campus beginning October 11th through the 17th. Saturday the 15th is strictly reserved for students who are in after school activities preventing them from making the other times.

“The times are from two to seven in the evening, which is the prime time for after school practices and events, so we decided to offer Saturday as an alternative for those kids.”

Though some of the time slots are during school hours, students may not leave class in order to take the pictures. They must wait until after school or during an off period to schedule a time slot. Additionally, no parents may be present for any pictures that are being taken before 4pm or during school hours.

Seniors and parents can go online to the Senior Portrait signup schedule to pick a time slot.

Students and parents will have the option to choose dates and times beginning October 11, 12, 13, 14, and 17th.

Senior Athletes, or those involved in the following extracurricular activities (Football, Escorts, Cheer, Band, Volleyball), will be allowed to sign up beginning  Saturday, October 15th by going to the extracurricular alternate schedule to choose a time slot.

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