Volundeers Raise Money, Provide Christmas Bags for Foster Children

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Ever wonder how The Sweet Case events got started? The Sweet Case events were started through a group called Together We Rise (TWR). Together We Rise was started after creator Danny Mendoza in 2008. Danny Mendoza was inspired after finding out that his 9 year-old cousin was living in a car. Shortly after Mendoza found that he was unable to help his cousin because Danny was under the age of 21. Therefore, he was denied after he was willing to help. Danny had thought about ways to help young children in foster care, with being a foster parent. After Danny told others about his thoughts they inspired him to start an origination. The organization is called Together We Rise.
The group of Volundeer sponsors gave the students at North Campus an opportunity to help foster kids in need. The students decorated duffel bags, and filled the bags with things such as: hygiene kits, blankets, coloring books, and teddy bears. We will be delivering the duffel bags during Christmas break. We were able to decorate and fill 80 duffel bags.
However, the Volundeer sponsors, Mr. C, Mrs. Camp, and Mrs. Vega had a goal of raising $2,000 they made $2,392.44. “That’s $392.44 over our goal!” Said Jessica Vega. They made $1,100 during the Tape A Teacher event. The teachers gave us another opportunity to make more money by having students get there parents or any adult to sponsor this event.
On the day of the big event, set up started a little earlier than expected, but even though we had everything we needed for set up we couldn’t really start decorating until school let out. As they plan to do this event once a year, they plan to hold it somewhere else therefore they can have as much timer as wanted and needed to set up. As almost everything went as planned, there were still a couple of things that didn’t go exact. “It turned out mostly how we planned. The only things that didn’t go as planned were the ironing station, and the catered food, but both turned out alright after a couple quick changes.” said Vega.
Also, most of the students had fun. As they were decorating the duffel bag assigned to them, they got to listen to music played by a DJ. They also got to eat Jimmy Changas and eat huge cookies from Cookie Express.
As the Volundeer organization will be continuing the Sweet Case events… If you would like to be a sponsor of a Sweet Case event or learn more information about how Together We Rise was founded please visit www.TogetherWeRise.org

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