Due to recent events, people have have finally acknowledged one of our biggest problems in society. Now, as a community, we can solve the issue.

Overcoming Racial Divisions

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Due to recent events, people have have finally acknowledged one of our biggest problems in society. Now, as a community, we can solve the issue.

Two words: racial profiling. It’s a worldwide problem that often goes overlooked and is truly troubling. When will people realize that in every hour, every state that an individual is constantly humiliated and accused of something based on the color of their of skin; That law enforcement, or anyone in this matter, conducts extra attention to those people of color? Police conduct searches without any proof of criminal activity, or even pull the trigger before the innocent can even speak.
Discrimination is not only based on skin tone, but also ethnicity and religion. Illegal, it violates the U.S constitutional rights of equal freedom and speech. Social media has become the main source of information, everyone learns the news as fast as wildfire. When society sees this all over the news, or a trending topic on Twitter, how do they feel? People become outraged and even start protests that cause more harm than they should; but they are heard.

Racism in America has never truly ended, though that the government claims that we’ve ‘changed’.

“This is violence that we’ve been witnessing not just in the last week, but far too often over the last several years,” White House secretary Josh Earnest said. “And I think many Americans are troubled by it.”

Everyone is much more alert about the shootings which have, unfortunately, increased. Such as in Charlotte, when an officer shot Keith Scott, a 43 year old African American four times, who was in fact not being a threat to anyone. This wasn’t Charlotte’s first shooting, as this also happened in 2013, when Jonathan Ferrell was killed by a policeman and was charged with voluntary manslaughter. Police have shot and killed black men (ages 18 to 29) — such as Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. —175 times since January 2015; 24 of them were unarmed. The numbers increase day by day.

“I don’t think it is right for these African Americans who got shot to be shot…they should have a chance to talk instead,” Jennifer Sanchez, Deer Park High School sophomore said. “I also think the police are very helpful and they make me feel safe. As they are meant to uphold the law and ensure our safety; It’s like knowing someone is always there to protect you.”

#blacklivesmatter has been the top priority during these difficult times, but no matter the colors of ones skin, everyone matters. Everyone is guaranteed their rights which were written on the Constitution.

The biggest example at our school is bullying. You may not see it, but this is usually the first sign that something can turn into a much bigger issue. The fact that suicide rates are higher for minorities than anyone else is worrying. Violence is never the answer, which everyone has heard before, yet fails to consider the consequences.

The world has always feared the police, due to their stereotypical rough behavior portrayed by Hollywood and the movie inustry.They seem as if they don’t care, or have the urge to do their job. However, what would help prevent corrupt cops from even earning the badge? Possibly more intense background checks and training, or even being paid more. Whatever the case, officers should be handpicked, and put through a strenuous training program complete with intense psychological evaluations to have a lot more credit by their name if they want to be able to carry a weapon.

So, encourage people to stop and think. Make sure your next step of action helps to progress to a development. Diversity of thought and love will embolden us human beings to be…humane. It’s 2016, the years are only going forward, but our mentality and minds are heading backwards. Let’s change that.

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