The Royal Court

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Bright personalities in tuxes and dresses walked across the stage for our 64th annual Majestic Court at Deer Park High School. Seniors and parents came together on January 18th at the PAC to showcase the class of 2018. This pageant primarily funds Project Graduation and tries to bring a diverse group of young adults together. This year, a big congrats goes to Mateo Saavedra, Savannah Anderson, Emily Sample, Jimmy Paz, Connor Williams, and Candis Ortiz who won the overall show while Darby Darden and Noah Hartwell won the Spirit Awards.

“It’s really nice to showcase different students from different activities that are not all from the same group,” Majestic Court coordinator Bridget Winstead said, “the community loves to come and support it and see how its changed.”

In 1997, the name changed from “Most Beautiful, Most Handsome” where only one girl and one boy won the award to what it is known today as “Majestic Court”. Over the years, is the way they are chosen and the overall opinion of the show has definitely changed. People have believed that the participants were chosen by popularity and looks, but that is no longer the case. The contestants are chosen by peers and staff based on kindness, humbleness and amazing deeds done by the individuals. The participants can’t be chosen however without an equal vote from teachers as well as students. Twenty girls and twenty boys are paired up and attend meetings together in preparation to the show. Girls and guys are put together by their similarities such as height, hair color, etc. They practice their walks and even coordinate their outfits with their partner. It’s truly a lot harder than anyone would guess.

The first round consists of individual interviews. A one-on-one with the judges. The judges themselves have been past Deer Park Majestic Court winners, who is found to be the best fit as they understand what contestants are going through. Next round is onstage which consisted of introducing the contestants to the audience by reading aloud their biographies. Finally, they smile along with their partner as they wait for the results.

“I was just honored to be elected by my peers and it was so much fun. We’re all seniors and we were all together for one last time.” Majestic Court Winner Savannah Anderson said. “Try to stay a kid as long as you can because once we graduate you’re officially an adult. Try to embrace it. You can only be a kid once so really try to take in everything and experience new things.”

Congratulations to the winners once again!

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