Arabian Nights

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As we all know, theater has been working on a production called Arabian Nights.  The play itself is a mix of Middle Eastern, Greek, Indian, Jewish, and Persian stories that began in 1706. The stories have been changed many times by different cultures, writers, and scholars over the many years it’s existed, but the basics of the story have stayed the same.

The king, who was betrayed by his wife, murders both his wife and her lover. Every night after, he remarries a virgin only to murder her at midnight. All the girls then flee the village, and he marries the daughter of a friend. She tells him stories every night and he allows her live to tell them. While the original story is quite brutal, our theaters version turns the gory story into a funny, whimsical, and musical version anyone would enjoy, all while keeping the message the same.

“The show talks a lot about infidelity, and some very moral merits. I feel like it would send a positive message about being honest, or face the consequences.” Gavin Connor said when asked about the message he believes the play sends.

The play itself show how your actions, no matter how small, will have consequences and or will affect others in some way. It teaches about taking responsibility for your actions and accepting the consequences with your head held high.

I went to see the play on the second night they were performing and I, personally, was blown away. The actors themselves put so much passion into the characters they play and absolutely killed it. The play I will admit is a bit confusing but still amazing despite it. It’s very interesting to hear all the different stories inside stories and figure out all the different lesson each story teaches. And all the costumes were so beautiful and unique it really made the play into something special that you can’t find in many places.

“I’ve grown a bond with my fellow actors that I don’t find in many other places, so now, I hope to gain trust and friendship of everyone around me.” Camren Holmes said when I asked him what he hoped to gain from being part of the play.


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