The Benevolent Cycle

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Excitement fills the hearts of many after this past holiday season. Children jumping in exhilaration over their new presents, teens eager to test out the latest technology, and everyone waiting to show off their gifts to others. But across the Atlantic Ocean, thousands of miles away in Botswana Africa, some very thankful people had their lives changed for the better by receiving a bicycle. This past holiday season the Deer Park High School North Campus AP Human Geography classes held the second annual Bikes for Botswana Fundraiser. Both Coach David Smith and Mrs. Tiffany Turner were able to collect a total of $2,000 to gather bikes for people living in Botswana.

Bike for Botswana started out with Coach Smith showing his students a movie where a Mozambique man discussed how having a bike changed his world. He had saved for two years, working tirelessly, to buy a bicycle. It allowed him faster travel to and from work which gave him the opportunity to get more economic activity. This humble man’s story resonated with a few of Coach Smith’s students who decided that they too wanted to help change the lives of others for the good. Bikes for Botswana not only gave people across the world a new start, but taught normal high school student’s that they too can make a difference and take a moment to think about others rather than themselves.

“I appreciate the fact that the kids embraced it, it makes me realize that there is hope and compassion still in the world, especially at Deer Park High School.” said Coach Smith.

Not only did the fundraiser empower youths to take positive action in the world around them, it also humbled students by making them stop and recognize how thankful they are, for all that they have.

“Because we are to treat people how we want to be treated. So we want to teach the students to be givers because if we were in need we would want someone to reach out to us. Today’s society is so focused on “me” that is beneficial to teach students that others are important and have needs too,” said Mrs. Kimberly Hawthorne, the friend of a Botswana missionary.

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