Self Confidence in High School

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In High School, our confidence and first impression shows a lot about who we are. Everyone entering their freshman year have a lot on their mind, but fitting in is one of the main worries. In High School, it seems as if you aren’t at a certain level of popularity, you automatically are an outcast so the pressure of becoming popular strengthens. I’ve learned that trying to be someone you’re not doesn’t help you fit in, it makes you feel less of yourself.

“Starting high school this year was very nerve-racking, not just for me but for all freshman,” Freshman Haley Goodwin, said. “There’s new people everywhere and the pressure is on.” People have their groups and cliques in high school, but that’s every high school. The main thing is to be yourself. “A lot of students I knew came to school as completely different people like they are trying to be someone else, it was crazy,” Goodwin added.

“What I’ve learned from four years of high school experience is confidence means everything” Jacob Morgan said, “You wont have a great experience if you aren’t happy with yourself. Being happy with who you are means the most. Just be you, and don’t change who you are to please anyone else.”

Overall High School is a lot of pressure. Always surround yourself with positive people. Be true to yourself and confident and you will have an amazing experience.

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