Teens in Tiaras

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Majestic Court took place on January 19th, in the PAC with 20 male contestants, and 20 female contestants. Majestic court is pageant with three male winners and three female winners, along with two spirit award winners. Mrs. Donna Henson organizes and runs the pageant.

“All of the students in majestic court are always very good students, they’re very respectful, they care about each other, that’s what makes it so much fun to do,” Henson said.

The contestants are chosen for the pageant by a mix of votes from senior students and teachers; a student will not be chosen as a participant without a healthy mix of both. Once the students are voted into the pageant, preparation begins a couple months in advance. They answer a questionnaire and fill out a resume that is read off on the day of the pageant. Next the participants are put into pairs. The couples walk together at the pageant, but are judged separately. A panel of past participants judge, and decide who the winners are. The contestants go into a room with the judges, two at a time, and are asked different questions. This is so the judges can learn about the students, and decide the winners. The spirit winners are voted on by the contestants themselves. It is great experience for all who are involved, win or lose.

“Majestic Court was an incredibly humbling experience. It was awesome to be surrounded by my high achieving peers who are truly the best Deer Park High School has to offer,” winner Brody Jenkins said.

Majestic court has been an annual event for 63 years at deer park. It previously went by the name of Most Beautiful Most Handsome, and had only one male and one female winner. Then, it was based only on looks. When it was changed to majestic court the criteria also changed to be more based on a contestants personality, and how they answered the judges questions. Also, majestic court is the biggest fundraiser for prom, raising $7,000. Many people do not realize that prom is very expensive, and ticket prices would cost even more without the proceeds from majestic court.

“Majestic Court is our main and pretty much only fundraiser for prom. It helps us tremendously to offset the cost of prom,” Henson said.

This years winners included Brody Jenkins, Caroline Chandler, Jake Moody, Miranda Romero, Zac May, and Katie Bailey. Brody Jenkins and Caroline Chandler won the spirit awards.

“I couldn’t believe that the judges had actually picked me and two other amazing girls out of so many beautiful classmates inside and out” Chandler said.

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