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It is February, and love is in the air. Valentines day is fast approaching, and if you don’t have a plan, you might be in some trouble. That is why we came up with a “Valentines day do’s and don’ts” list, to help get you on your way to romance.


  1. Making S’mores-Just because you aren’t sweet, doesn’t mean that the date can’t be.
  2. Dinner and a movie-The classic date; it has worked for ages, and it will work for you.
  3. Volunteer at an animal shelter-Your date isn’t the only one who deserves cuddles this Valentine’s Day.
  4. Picnic-Who says dates have to be expensive; cheap, easy and romantic.
  5. Romantic walks-In the park, on the beach or down the sidewalk, this one is sure to make your date swoon.
  6. Go to the park-There is nothing like a nice swing after a grueling game of freeze tag.
  7. Cooking/baking-Valentine’s day is one of the few times you should join your woman in the kitchen.
  8. Hot tub-The only thing hotter than the tubĀ is your date.
  9. Bookstore-Its time to turn the page in your relationship.
  10. Coffee Date-Just be sure to bring mints.


  1. Breaking up-Do I really need to explain?
  2. Nothing?-Anything is better than nothing.
  3. Steal a cops breakfast-Donut do that.
  4. Bring a friend-It’s a date, not a party.
  5. Stand up your date-It’s a date…
  6. Getting a restraining order from your date-She has to want to be there too.
  7. Feeding them something they are allergic to-Hives are for bees, not people.
  8. Discovering you are related to your date-You should really check first.
  9. Giving each other haircuts-At first you’ll hate it, but then it will grow on you.
  10. Forgetting it’s Valentine’s Day-oops.

Make sure to follow the guidelines set above, but always remember that any date can be special as long as you’re with that special someone. Valentine’s day is about the person you spend it with, not what you spend it doing.


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