Let’s Play Rugby

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What sport is similar to soccer, yet acts like football? That’s right, Rugby. So, what is it exactly? Rugby is a form of football, which is played between two teams of 15, and is different from soccer in that players can carry the ball. Also, players are allowed to be more aggressive in the game, such as being able to block any hits with their hands and arms, and can also tackle the other team. It’s very popular in the United Kingdom, and also growing in popularity here in Deer Park High School. “This year, we were actually in our first season… so we played about four scrimmages, and… four actual games,” said Teacher and Coach of the team Mr. Kirby Schmidt. The teams not only play during the school year, they play all summer long. Interested in joining? Just pass by Mr. Schmidt’s classroom (Room 2245). “Basically all [anyone has] to do is come by, there is some paperwork I need to have them take home, and then their parents fill [it] out,” said Mr. Schmidt. Don’t worry, it looks like the Rugby club won’t be leaving us anytime soon. “Definitely going to be present next year. We’re going to be playing through this summer, and we’ll be playing next year as well,” said Mr. Schmidt.  

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