HOSA Hosts First Blood Drive of 2016

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The Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA) of Deer Park High School South Campus partnered up with St. Luke’s Hospital on Friday, January 15th, to host the annual blood drive. St. Luke’s brings the equipment, and the HOSA students learn through classes and through the program itself while under the watchful eye of professionals.

The goal for HOSA has been to receive 200 student donors, but as of Friday, they had not reached the goal – Even going two days past the initial deadline in hopes to get more students involved. In order to participate in the school’s blood drive, you must be at least 17-years older and present a valid State issued I.D., Driver’s License, or something that provides proper identification that includes your date of birth.

Blood Drives help when it comes to those who are placed in a hospital and need a blood transfusion, or some other form of blood donation. The most requested form by the hospital is Type-O, since it is compatible with all other types of blood and will likely not be rejected. For each student that donates blood, three lives are saved.


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