Happy Howlidays

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What to do with your pets this holiday season.

During December you’re going to be busy to helping with Christmas shopping or going to holiday themed events. So, before you leave, think about your pets. Here are some tips for your pets, big or small.

For gerbils, guinea pigs, small dogs or any other small pets, if you have a kennel or cage, put it next to a heater or in a small warm room. If you let them run around the house when are you are not home, put old blankets around the house so they can snuggle and stay cozy and warm.  Another option would be to put a sweater on them.

Now, for the big pets use heating pads under their beds because they might not be able to use a blanket if they are too big. If it’s an outside dog, make sure the dog house has a wind protector door with a heating pad. Provide a sweater for the dog with food and water in the dog house.

Also, don’t forget about the neighborhood strays. Put food and water out for them. Before you use your car, smack the hood of the vehicle because cats and other small animals like to use cars as shelter. To make a shelter for the stray animals, make sure it is the right size to trap the body heat from the animal. Put in straw or a loose pillow case filled with packing peanuts and shredded newspaper so the stray can nest in the shelter. Replace straw or the filling of the pillow if moist or dirty. Do not use blankets, towels or folded newspapers. They do not capture the body heat from the animals to keep them warm. The best place to get the sweaters and heating pads is at PetSmart. For the pet house, you can find the supplies at Homedepot or at Lowes.

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