Ready to Make Deer Park Great Again?

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New Student Council members commit to making positivity, manners, and cleanliness top priorities this year.

Student council is a way for students to capture the essence of democracy and leadership within their schools and is effective in encouraging the student body to vote for candidates that they feel are best suited for bringing about appropriate adjustments to make this campus a more enjoyable atmosphere. Deer Park high school posted the final ballets online for the annual student council elections on October 28, 2016 on Wednesday during advisory where the door to influence and transformation swung open for those elected and released their voice.

Our newly elected student body president, Cameron Taguchi wishes to refashion the attitudes at Deer Park high school.

“I think that I can bring something new and original. More specifically I’d like to bring some manners to the school; some virtues,” Taguchi said. “Recently I spoke with some custodians and they mentioned to me their concerns with picking up trash and that just kind of hit me in a place. Considering we’re in high school and our peers are at that age of young adulthood; it seems like things like that should be an issue.”

Many, like Cameron Taguchi, share a similar dream to modify the school in some way; Whether through volunteer trash pick up programs, or a commitment to get the students more involved in fun-loving activities that promote school pride and attitude. Now is the time to step up, and help the newly elected put forth the change needed to make Deer Park high school great once again.

“I wish to help make this school a more positive place,” senior president, Janet Abou said. “I want to focus on environmentalism, specifically, and positive feelings from our peers and staff of Deer Park High School.” The council stands before the school board, and represents the voices of their peers in an effort to bring about change in the school. Many have stated their concerns on the littering and uncleanliness on campus, and would be elated to have the push for a cleaner school. Although student council officers are in leadership positions, every leader needs the support from their followers in order to make any change dubbed necessary. Ask not what your school can do for you, but what you can do for your school.

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