Future Of The Marching Band

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Breathless and thirsty, the sun beats down on the members of the Deer Park high school (DPHS) band. Out of the large number of students only a small fraction are freshman and the concept of marching while playing instruments, is all new to them. Everyday after school until six (Mondays until seven), the band labors away cleaning sets in their show piece preparing for contests and the thrill of a Friday night game. Though the work may be hard, the thrill of marching is an amazing payoff.

The freshman coming from the junior highs had a vague idea of what marching was like, but what came from summer band was not what they expected. Starting the last week of July and going all the way until school the band worked all day from seven a.m. to four p.m.  All that work preparing for the first football game and the first contest on October 3rd.

“It is a lot different, I figured we would march a lot but I didn’t expect it to be this rigorous. I didn’t think it would be this demanding physically and mentally,” Natalie Samples said.

Although the struggles of the band may be numerous and the schedule is tiring it doesn’t diminish from the fact that everyone in the band has a great time. There are many differences between band in eight grade and band in ninth grade.

“We have to put more effort into what you are doing, you have to appreciate it even more than you did before. I know it made me appreciate band more,” Carolyn Valdez said.

The freshman of the DPHS marching band are part of a varsity organization, they practice everyday and learn something entirely new to them. When watching the band preform at a contest or a Friday night game the breathlessness of the marching glory is stunning, no one can tell the difference between a senior with years of experience and a freshman who has only been marching for a few months. The training may be rough and tiring at first, but the pay off is one that can’t be beat.


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