Deer Park Improv Team Auditions

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Are you outgoing? Can change your emotions at the snap of a finger? Love to act out crazy situations? Then join the Improv Team, where crazy gets you laughs.

On September 19th,  with the workshop and auditions from the 20th through the 21st in room 1151, the Theater Arts department invites you to be the wackiest you can be.

“…sharp wit, …clever mind. It’s really all mental, everything [you] need to bring is mental, ”  Theater Arts teacher Ms. Kelly Lawrence said.

Auditions are open to any DPHS student.

“I hope we find kids not just in the theater department, but kids all over the school that sort of have a really sharp wit and are quick to act on it, cause that’s what you need for improv,” Lawrence said.

Senior Captain Nick White and Junior Co-Captain Austen Guzman both oversee the workshop.

“We are going  to teach anyone who doesn’t know the games how to play the improv games and the basic rules of improv,” White said. Attending the Workshop is strongly recommended.

The auditions are not something to get worked up over either.

“We kind of sometimes run it like a show, call some people up there and then we will give them the topic,” Guzman said.

Don’t be shy, come audition for the Deer Park Improv Team. 

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