Could we be moving at a faster pace? Are School Zones necessary?

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School zones were created with the intention of keeping younger students who walk home safe. However, it seems that School Zones necessity has faded away. School Zones have become pointless to some people. Many drivers ignore the speed limit when on a regular road and even fewer acknowledge any school zone speed limits.

“No. People don’t follow them [school zones] all the time. People forget that they exist, and they don’t make me feel any safer,” Jaden Engels, a student who walks to school said.

Engels has been walking to and from school since she was very young, yet neither her nor her parents are worried while she makes her trips home.  Her parents prefer she walk home. Engels also mentioned that if school zones were removed or shortened she would feel just as safe.

“There are plenty of other cars around with people in them and street lights and crossing guards,” Engels said.

“They [school zones] are very important and drivers should pay attention while driving through them. And put their phones away,” mother of two, Ashley Ramirez said.

Ramirez has two young children, one in junior high and one in elementary school. Neither are able to walk to school due to distance. Her children are open enrollment and live a twenty-minute drive away. She believes the school zones are very important in order to prevent any accidents. She would allow her children to walk to school if they lived closer and she says that she wouldn’t be worried.

Many parents will agree with Ramirez, but teenagers believe differently. Being as many of these teenagers used to walk to and from school they do not see how school zones could be important. These same teenagers say that they have noticed that very few drivers abide by the mandatory speed limit.

Studies have shown that without school zones the number of accidents involving students increase. Many kids are in a rush to get home and don’t mind j-walking across the street, but many drivers aren’t paying enough attention to slow down in time. Although we also have crossing guards and other precautionary measures, school zones are a needed part of traffic safety.

School zones have become a police officer’s play place, but maybe it’s for a good reason. Due to the many other safety precautions in place, school zones are a necessity. Removing reduced speed limits near school would falter the safety of the students who walk home.




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