Yearbook is the “Imposter”

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Within the past couple of months, a game titled Among Us has gone viral. In the game there are up to 10 crewmates, one of which is an imposter. It takes place in three different maps, in which the crewmates run around completing tasks. The imposter is trying to kill the crewmates and sabotage them without being caught. The Deer Park yearbook staff used this game to promote the program and their Instagram page.

“We wanted to do viral marketing,” Samuel Casados, yearbook social media editor, said. “And I wanted to make it a lot more interactive than normal [promotions].”

Throughout the halls of Deer Park South Campus students will see three types of signs. The first being big signs that say “find the imposter.” This is to get students aware that they are meant to be looking for something. The next two posters are smaller and say “crewmate” or “imposter.” If a student finds a crewmate sign, there is a QR code that directs them to the yearbook Instagram page and encourages them to keep looking for the imposter. If they find an imposter sign, the QR code instructs them to take the flyer to the yearbook room during lunch so they can receive a prize.

“They got candy, multiple coupons to share with friends and family, and Amazon gift cards,” Justin Weinmann, the yearbook teacher, said.

There has been a bit over twenty winners, and the yearbook staff plans to continue this game until they get thirty winners, so there is still time to play.

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