Tips for Surviving Finals Week

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Take a Break   

In the midst of being buried in papers to write, reviews to do, and what seems like 5 million tests to study for and pass, you can easily become stressed. When you get this way your productivity level plummets to the ground and your focus completely disappears. Taking a SMALL break, (I’m looking at you, procrastinators!) can give you a chance to relax and breath so that you are able to regain your focus and get some work done.

Listen to Music  

Before you get all excited and open up your music and start jamming out to your favorite songs, I don’t mean your average everyday music. Playlists filled with songs from game and movie soundtracks are designed to keep you focused and they are perfect for studying and cramming as much information as possible into your head before finals. People like Hans Zimmer(Pirates of the Caribbean) and James Newton Howard(Hunger Games) are great composers to start with to compile a mix of music to help you focus.

Make a List  

When you first get an assignment, write it down. By the end of the day, no one wants to struggle to remember everything you have to do (and possibly forget something), so if you have a to-do list of all your work written down, you’ll be good to go. This can also help you sort out what needs to be done first and what can be saved for later. If you want to take this a step further, a planner is a great way to keep up with everything going on in your life, not just with school.

Don’t Procrastinate 

We all know that dreadful feeling of realizing that you forgot a project that’s a major grade to the last minute. Nearly everyone falls victim to the extremely bad habit of procrastination. However, if you want to avoid this panic, pick yourself up and get your work done. Putting off homework never does any good.

Color Code  

Staring at black and white for hours on end makes it hard to focus and gives you a huge headache. Take out your pencil pouch with all of your highlighters and color it up. Making a color code can highlight what you need to work on and helps you group together all of the information you need to know. Color coding also adds to the visual appeal of the paper making you more inclined to read and trying to understand the content of what you’re studying. Colors are the best way to grab your attention and draw others in as well.

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