The Rest of Us Just Live Here

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Ever wondered what the lives of the people without “powers” in a town of superheroes are like? What do they do when the “chosen ones” are busy defending the earth? In Patrick Ness’s The Rest of Us Just Live Here, all those questions are answered. The book follows the senior year of Mikey, along with his sister Mel, and their friends Jared and Henna. At first, it seems like a normal YA novel, where a normal teen goes about his normal day, but after it gets deeper into the story, the group of friends get mixed up along with the “Indie” kids (the kids that have the magical abilities or need to fight creatures that are trying to take over the world). From there, things start to fall into place and make the story way different than other stories. One thing that made the book so interesting was the way the characters are written. Each one is not perfect, they have their own flaws that makes the story more realistic, except for the Indie kids running around everywhere. Another thing about the book was the fact that as the story with the four main characters is happening, each chapter summarizes another character that’s an Indie kid trying to save the human race. This takes away the worry from the hero of the town, and puts the worry on Mikey and his friends. If you want a twist on the supernatural-saving the Earth-kids finding out their magical abilities kind of story, check out The Rest of Us Just Live Here, it’s sure to give you the inside look on a different perspective of a town where people have superpowers.  

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