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Many people around the world use technology to communicate, listen to music, play games, and even look things up on the internet. Common tech devices that are used today include iPads, iPods, computers, laptops, and smart phones, but the real question is: What is the most popular tech device at DPHS North Campus?

Freshman, Ben Milholland has a smart phone. It’s a Samsung. He got it in December of last year for his birthday. He uses it to text and play games. His favorite app is Snapchat. “You can take pictures that go away the next day.”

From simple observations around DPHS North it’s easy to see that students use their smart phones everyday, anywhere, and anytime they get a chance. Whether it’s playing games, taking pictures, texting, listening to music, or using apps like snapchat, smart phones are hands down the most popular tech device at North Campus.


  1. Cell phones are the most common device, it’s just for a lot of things such as looking up stuff for class, taking pics, listing to music. People will take any chance they get to look and get onto their phone. Many teachers let their students use their phone but when they do they have a lower attention rate and their scores go down due to not being able to consentrate due to them being on their phones.

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