See You At The Pole

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Every year for numerous decades, High schools and Junior Highs around the United States gather at the front of their schools thirty minutes before the start of the day. These students congregate around the flag pole to pray. It’s a time of community and for students to be in prayer and unity.

Wednesday September 23rd, 2015, around 36 students gathered around our very own flag pole at 8:15 to do just this. There were songs played and community was held. The event ended at 8:30am with a prayer and the students were soon on their way.

This event is strictly student-lead and the responsibility falls on whomever decides to hold it. Some of the Swing Choir girls lead the group in song and prayer.  “I think it would probably be put together a little better if there was a teacher involved, but I like that it was just the kids,” said Baylee W., Sophomore at DPHS.

This event holds a special sense of community in the students. “Normally not all of us are friends.. but in that one moment, we’re all together,” said Jessica B., also a Sophomore at DPHS. The students describe it as making a stand for what they believe in. “It’s nice to see other people actually making an effort,” said Baylee.

This is the only “big” Christian event DPHS holds during the year aside from the regular meetings of Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) and Youth For Christ (YFC). “I wish there were things like [see you at the pole] more often, “said Baylee. Students thoroughly enjoy events such as See You at The Pole and are excited to be together for it. “It’s good to start your day off with Jesus,” said Jessica. See You at The Pole is a huge success every year and students are excited to see how the event will flourish in the following years.

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