Regional Orchestra Preparation

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Like every year, the students in orchestra are invited to compete to get in the regional orchestra. This year the competition will be held the beginning of October at Pasadena Memorial High School. Since the date of this event is closer, the tension builds between the future young competitors that started to train themselves for this since before the summer.

”I practice a lot with a private teacher and with my regular teacher every single day since May. Performing in front of a lot of people always makes me nervous and also makes me afraid to fail,” Isaiah Bias said.

For some, it is not the first time, but for other people is a new experience that could be worrying and source of anxiety.

”I think that the nervousness make me play worse, I can’t do my best,” Bias said.

Therefore, one of the largest barriers that these young musicians have is the nervous during the preparation and most of all the performance anxiety, due to the many people ready to judge their musical performance. Some succeed to live with this feeling and make it an incentive to do their best, but for others who are not as well prepared, this is still a problem that can affect their performance. The reasons why these people participate in this are multiple, but the most frequent is the possibility to get scholarships for college, and most of all for the passion. This is a common element for everyone.

”I do it because I love to play and I always enjoy the music that I can make with my hands, it is my passion.” Bias said.

”I do it for passion, I love doing it and even if it is stressful I still love it and I still do it.” Sabrina Muniz said.

Trying to ignore the anxiety is a normal step for everyone. These musicians can all be proud for the long and difficult preparation that these students faced with strength and readiness to challenge their limits giving their best. These students are always ready to represent our school to the best of their abilities.

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