Region Orchestra

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On October 10th of last year, the region orchestra competition was held, and we are all proud to say that 9 Deer Park students made it. It was a hard and stressful competition that required several months of practice and that significantly challenged these students who faced it with strength. Regardless of the result, they all did their best. ”The competition was so tough, there were kids from lots of districts and they all tried to do their best, it’s literally a challenge. I tried and I didn’t made it this time but I definitely will try it again. I’m determined!” Jessica Maya said.

Several of these kids that faced this high level of competition are now training themselves for the concert that will be held Saturday, January 16th at Kingwood Park High School. ”When the judges told me that I made it, I had a sense of accomplishment, and I was so happy because I practiced a lot and I put effort into it. I believe that this competition gives you more opportunities to play different types of music, generally harder of the usual one,” Cecilia Montelongo said.

On Tuesday January 12, the regional orchestra performers did a chair test, which will determine their position for the concert. ”When I’m nervous about a chair test, I remind myself to just pretend like I’m just practicing, and that helps a lot. But I’m still nervous, because I want to do my best!” Mary Ashley Vance said.

For some of these students, it wasn’t just a normal competition, it was an opportunity for a challenge, and to better themselves for the future. Therefore, even though all these students have different plans for their future, they all have a thing in common: the passion, a feeling that will surely help them to accomplish all their goals.

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