Practice Till You Make It

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The Deer Park High School Orchestra attended the Region 19 audition at Pasadena Memorial High School on October 12.

“The experience in region is honoring,” Jose Cabalu, cellist in chamber, said.

Time to prepare for region is short and the handful of students trying out scrambled to make sure every measure of their music is performance ready. Anyone can try out, but those who do must be prepared.

“A lot of the music involves scales or repeated rhythms and last year there was not as much [scales and rhythms last year],” Anthony Hermez, cellist in chamber, said.

Students only have one shot to make either symphony or philharmonic orchestra. Symphony is the top out of the two and if a student does not make symphony, they do not get put into philharmonic. In other words, if a students tries out for the top group and they do not make it, that was their one shot. Not only can it stressful for the students, but also for directors John Law and Sunny Yam.

“I don’t want to embarrass myself or do something to make Mr. Law disappointed,” Cabalu said.

Many hours of drilling and taking each ├ętude note-by-note are done by the students who audition. The students must play two ├ętudes of music usually varying in style. One piece leans to a technical while the other leans more melodic. The technical piece challenges the players rhythm and accuracy while the melodic piece can let the player show off their ability to elevate the music.

“I’ve gained a lot of technique from learning the music and it’s helped me with other music as well and I hoped to get ranked high,” Hermez said.

The following are those who made region as well as their rank within their respected sections.

Viola: Luke Vizzini 5th, Sirenia Garcia 7th, Aidan Sidwell 13th
Violin: Cartrius Phipps 7th, Jasmine Rodgers 13th, Julian Aguilar 20th, Brianna Alvarado 25th, Stevie Stroder 29th
Cello: Jose Cabalu 5th, Liam O’Mara 7th, Sofia Garcia 8th, Andrew Ham 9th, Anthony Hermez 12th
Bass: Neal Eav 3rd

Violin: Hillary Cuevas 18th
Cello: Alejandro Muller 1st, Keane Eav 9th, Matthew Grant 10th

Congratulations to all who made region and to those who tried. It is important to remember that the goal of region is supposed to be a fun experience. The students who made region will attend a chair auditions on January 14th. The chair audition will determine what chair the students will sit during the concert . The following weekend will be the region concert on Saturday, January 18th at the Deer Park High School Performing Arts Center. All of the students who made region will come together to perform the music that was selected for the year.

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