PALs Get A Taste of Theatre

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The Peer Assistance Leadership (PAL) group of Deer Park High School South Campus is an organization that seeks to provide mentorship to children Kindergarten through Eighth Grade. PALs will be performing short skits for their children in their schools throughout the next few weeks. These performances will teach the children about topics such as healthy foods, bullying, and the difference between “tattling” and “reporting.”

PALs began to prepare for their skits prior to the Christmas break, being assigned a topic and creating a skit that will appeal to the children while also sending an important message. The skits themselves are very small, and are followed up by activities that the PALs will do with the kids. Some activities have involved the children becoming a jury, getting the opportunity to interact with the skit, among other things.

The PALs plan to perform their skits for the next few weeks, and while they’re at it they may get a little taste of what it’s like performing on stage.

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