Throughout the movie there are many Easter eggs, unexpected features in a movie that are included as a joke or bonus, referencing past Black Mirror episodes and some references to Tuckersoft’s game. Multiple scenes had references to past Black Mirror episodes for example,  ‘Metalhead’ and the poster of Tuckersoft’s hits Metl Hedd, ‘White Bear’ and the glyph that Stefan and his favorite author Jerome F. Davies are obsessed with, and many many more. Black Mirror fans have spotted over 10 Easter eggs in the movie. There is a secret ending to the movie that is achieved by picking specific choices, that appears after the credits of the movie. In this ending a QR code appears which would take you to the fictional website of Tuckersoft, there’s a page for the game Nohzdyve which allows you to download and play it on a ZX Spectrum/ZX Spectrum emulator.

Imagine this…

As a kid you grew up knowing you had to be a doctor. Generations and generations of your mother’s family were doctors. You didn’t have a choice. Now as a 35 year old, you are at home after an exhausting day of work. You’re so tired that when you’re brushing your teeth you begin to fall asleep and lean forwards, almost hitting your head on the mirror, but you catch yourself…sort of. Your hand falls through the mirror, and as you crawl through to investigate you realize it’s led you to the day you applied to Harvard´s medical program. Do you decide to change to a less exhausting career, or go back through the mirror and go to bed?

If you choose to change your career CLICK HERE

If you choose to keep your job as a doctor CLICK HERE