One of the most eye catching aspects of the movie is how it is interactive. Throughout the movie Stefan is given choices which the viewer gets to make a decision on within about ten seconds. These choices include which cereal to eat, what cassette tape to listen to, and more impacting choices like fighting his therapist or jumping off a balcony. The viewer’s decision influences the way the movie ends, and since the main storyline is about Stefan’s game Bandersnatch the way Stefan reacts to these decisions would affect the quality of the game and the review given to the game. There are five main endings to the movie, each with different reviews to the game, along with the secret ending. With the multiple scenes and multiple endings it took more than 18 months to plan and produce.

Imagine this….

You are walking to your therapist and begin seeing a bunch of posters. These posters consist of multiple phrases all consisting of the same idea: time is malleable and a lie. As you pick up a few and begin reading them it starts to make sense, in a way. When your therapy appointment begins she asks what you want to talk about. Do you talk about your mental struggles, or the concept that time is just a concept and malleable?

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