My Year: Through the Eyes of a Foreign Exchange Student

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The year it’s almost over and everybody is already enjoying the idea of summer holidays and absolute relaxation. Graduation is near, and for many people, high school is coming to an end, opening the door to a  new chapter of their life. It’s always the same story, the end of the school, even if happy for most, can lead even to some melancholy. As for me, I honestly wish this year would never come to an end. It was the best year of my life, so far.  I am never going to forget it because it made me a better person; it helped me how to see life through different eyes.

I met wonderful people that now I can truly consider my second family and I even did things I would never do before I came here. I’m so satisfied with myself and of this wonderful year I spent here in America.

When people ask me if I would do everything all over again, I always say yes. I would do it again hundreds of times more and I wouldn’t change anything, because even the worst things that happened helped me to become the person I am today.

I remember, like yesterday, my first day here at Deer Park High School, everything was different and weird for me. English for me was so hard to understand and I barely could say some words in the correct way. It was not a easy year, at all. It was full of challenges and I’m proud to say that I succeeded and now I’m here, talking about my year that is about to be over, happy and sad at the same time. Time flew by so fast, that is the only thing I could complain about. I wish I had more time to spend here, or I wish to be able to control it and make it go slower. I don’t have any magical powers. Therefore, I can’t do anything to change things. I just have to go forward to my future, hoping it is going to be as great as my year here in America.

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