Love Lost and Found

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“Until I Met You” is a story written by Winx1348, on an app known as Wattpad. Wattpad is an app where anyone can write and publish their own stories for other users to read. The app is available for download on Google Play or the Apple App Store.

“I enjoyed how the story taught a lesson, don’t judge a book by its cover you’ll never know what impact they could make on your life,” Elizabeth Morgan said. “I love how the author stayed on topic throughout the whole story and didn’t go from one thing then jump to another, the events all slowly transitioned to another.

”Until I Met You” was based off of a teenage girl named Jessalyn who moved to a small town in California after her fathers passing. Moving to a new school, Jessalyn wanted to keep her distance from people, that was until she met Cason, the high school bad boy, that she despised.  Later, she came to the realization that she loved him all along. “Until I Met You” is a story about how change isn’t always a bad thing, even if it hurts in the beginning.

“The book was very well written, and the author was very creative with this book. I highly recommend this story to all readers who enjoy romance and love story type novels.”

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