IT Hits Theatres

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As you may know, Stephen King’s IT hit the theaters and received great reviews from critics and moviegoers. It only took 27 years from the original IT to be re made into another movie. In the movie Pennywise came to town once every 27 years. 1990? 2017? Maybe there’s a pattern there,  it wasn’t just a coincidence that they were separated by that many years. I happened to go and see the movie myself on Friday September 8th  and in my personal opinion, it exceeded my expectations. 

It was a terrifying phenomenon that kept me at the edge of my seat throughout the whole film. Stephen King did a terrific job when it came to plotting out the scenes and building up the story line. Everything about the movie made sense, every character, event, or tragedy all were connected in some form meaning nothing was left a mystery. 

When it comes to technology, the film itself was different from the 1990 original, Pennywise has become a little daunting , the graphics are now more easily visible,  and then the town and horror has come a long way in the terms of  being more gruesome. The two and a half hour film lived up to its hype and im sure terrified many viewers as it did myself. I give the film five stars and was extremely impressed with how it made its debut and  all around put together as a whole.

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