How KPOP Revolutionized a Whole New Genre

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The KPOP industry has made it to No.1 new trend in America faster than people realize and still continues to grow. Sure Americans might not understand what they are saying in their music, but if one listens closely their music it can be quite catchy and enjoyable. You’ll see that their music videos are just amazing. Quite a few American singers don’t really focus on the choreography in their music videos or  live performances with fans. Sure, some might have background dancers but they don’t do it themselves. It’s interesting to see that KPOP always includes it. Every video or live performance has its own dance choreography and it’s a well done performance. Always practicing to get things perfect, they make sure their fans enjoy their performances.  

KPOP also has fun groups that people can get attached to and get to see that member’s side. Even learning their dances involves a workout which can be fun and easy to learn. For example the famous boy band, BTS made a great impact on America’s mainstream. Every member has a bright, unique and funny personality which proves KPOP as another genre of music that breaks different music tradition. South Korea’s music industry still begins to expand and grow, and their fan bases as well as dedication to their fans are well known. These talented artists do livestreams to interact with fans. Going from zero to one hundred, big kPOP groups get a lot of drive from their fans which brought them where they are today. 

It’s a cool step forward for music and can bring different cultures together. It’s different but everyone should give it a try. It’s great to have more diversity and entertainment from something new. It opens a new image and pumps people up with more rhythmic vibes. KPOP sure has come a far way than what it ways years before. 

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