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We all look forward to the day that school ends and summer vacation officially starts. This year, the last day falls on May the 26. The 2016-2017 school year is coming to an end. Of course the seniors are moving on to their new future, but everyone else will eventually come back in August, so it’s best to make an effort to have a great time. Finding activities can be difficult, thankfully here are some ideas that will make your summer extra sunny:

1. Go camping- being out in the outdoors can be refreshing and super fun.
2. Have a picnic- pack up some food and grab a traditional woven basket.
3. Sleep- this doesn’t need much explaining.
4. Pool party- whether you gather up in the backyard or head out to the community pool, swimming can be a lot of fun.
5. Museum visits- Houston has a lot of interesting tourist attractions including the Children’s Museum or Museum of Fine Arts.
6. Binge watch your favorite shows- this summer, Netflix will become your best friend.
7. The beach- a summertime classic, most notably Galveston or Sylvan Park. Remember to get some vitamin SEA.
8. Water and amusement parks-Jumping World or Schlitterbahn are great places to spend a hot day at.
9. Get a job- probably not as exciting, but becoming an employee and earning money for your hard work can be a maturing experience.
10. Friends- there is nothing greater than just calling up your best buds to just eat or watch a movie.
11. Photoshoots and albums- you don’t need to be a great photographer to capture exhilarating moments of people or nature.
12. Family time- reunions and visiting family members are a special time
13. Fall in love- though it might seem cliché, finding a summer romance could actually change your life.
14. Hobbies- try something you’ve always wanted do, playing an instrument or write a poem.
15. Arts and crafts- creating DIYs express who you are
16. Start a journal- start and keep a notebook with your thoughts and adventures from over the summer.
17. Road trips- this one is for people who look forward to some adventure. You can go with friends, family, or even with a special someone. Driving across the country and visiting landmarks are a great bonding experience as well.
18. Visit a new country- Some extra adventures, of course this one will be a little more costly. Going somewhere out of the U.S. can be a life changing experience.


  1. Thanks for the ideas! Now next time my family is bored I’ll know what to do!

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