Freshman Prepare for First Homecoming

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Homecoming, the time when Deer Park high school alumni come back and share memories of their time in school. But to ninth graders, all the school spirit shared by every student at the Friday night game can be different than what they have participated in before their high school career.

As an eighth grader, homecoming, was just, homecoming. It was something that high school students did and people came back to high school to celebrate. But they didn’t really know what it was, and if they did they didn’t really care. Now that they are actually one of those high school students , the change in spirit and attitude toward this that eventful homecoming week is gigantic. There is spirit week- not many people actually participate in it at North- with themed days, there are mums, and dates and so much talk of football.

“Middle school just goes to the game to look cool, but the upperclassman like have a party, it actually means something to them.” Jillian Jones said what she felt was the most different thing about homecoming going from middle school to high school.

Airian Guzman a ninth grader as well responded, “All of the excitement around it, how it gets everybody all hyped up and it’s just a good chance to you know get out to go hang out with your friends while watching a sport that I love.”

Homecoming, it isn’t just when Deer Park Alumni come back for a good football game. It’s a week where they can all show their school spirit and strong Deer Park pride all while having fun with friends and having fun at a Friday night game.

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