DPHS- A Step Ahead

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Deer Park High School. Not only is it a place to come learn, it’s also a place to thrive. There are so many options that students do not even consider trying- or even know about. Founded in 1931, DPHS has advanced in so many ways, namely education tactics and opportunities.

The variations in classes are endless, from agriculture to animal science to business management or human services. No matter what you wish to pursue there will always be a plan you can follow. Not many schools offer foundations that help you decide and become prepared for post- graduation. STEM, Business and Industry, Public Service, Arts/Humanities, and Multidisciplinary. You have the option to choose what best suits you.

Sports and clubs are also a major focus at the school. With almost 50 to be apart of, the students can discover new passions and hobbies throughout the year. The clubs are unique and there is always something that can appeal to you. There are actually quite a few that are overlooked, and deserve a bit more recognition.

FCCLA stands for Family Career Community Leaders of America. During spring semester they focus on volunteering for our community. This year, they have decided to partner up with an organization called Thirst Project. They are currently in the process of raising funds for a water well in Africa.

The Texas Future Music Educators organization is made up of student musicians from band, choir and orchestra who are considering a career in music education. There are chapters at many high schools across the state with a membership of just over 1000 students. The highlight of the club’s many activities is to participate at the TFME Association state convention in San Antonio. At the convention they attend special TFME clinics and have the opportunity to hear the All State Band, Choir and Orchestra.They also receive a TFME certificate and a patch for their letter jackets.

The German program at DPHS supports three clubs: German Club, German Folk Dance Troupe and German National Honor Society.”The German club meet for socials once a month. We hang out, watch movies, play games or do cultural activities like crafting Sankt Martin’s lanterns or making Oktoberfest hearts.The German folk dancers meet twice a week to practice the different dances and then they perform at festivals like the local St. Hyacinth Oktoberfest or the one in Galveston.The German Honor Society meets once in the beginning of the year to vote for officers, then again for induction of new members and then a third time for some end of the year fun. This year we are going to see a Mozart opera at the Houston opera.” German teacher and sponsor Birgit Arentsen said.

RISE is an after school club that meets every other Friday to reach out to the new generation of students, so they may rise above from the troubles they have on a daily basis. “That’s why my intention for this club is to be more than a meeting place for fellow believers; A positive environment where everyone of any background can be lifted up, rise from the things that pull them down, and be somewhere where they can have fun,” Club President Christopher Arredondo said.

Amazing organizations are here to bring students with similar interests together and help create a voice for our school. Afraid of what might happen if you join? Here’s some advice: don’t graduate high school asking “What if?” Try new things and have fun. Sure these clubs require work and commitment, but they can benefit us in ways we can’t imagine until we’ve experienced them ourselves. Friendships and strong bonds or even that feeling you get when you win or know that you’ve been able to help the community.

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