Deer Park Theater Films Women of Troy

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The Deer Park Theater Company has finished putting together their second show of this year, Women of Troy. Just like many other departments at Deer Park High School, Deer Park Theater has taken the time to reinvent their entire show process in order to adapt to COVID guidelines and restrictions. They’ve decided to film the show, edit it, and then upload it to stream live on YouTube. Along with these changes there are also many new challenges that the directors and actors are facing.
Samantha Rosas, a four-year theater student, says she notices many changes during rehearsals. “I definitely think that like scheduling has become a problem… working around people’s schedules, compared to if you’re face-to-face versus if you’re online.” Rosas said. She also pointed out that students’ comfortability with staging and closeness to other actors has become a priority. “Keeping social distancing has definitely impacted the way we stage things and having to take care of yourself every day to make sure you don’t expose someone else.”
The Head of Deer Park Theater, Matt Wasson, acknowledged the difficulties of transforming live theater, forcing it on to a screen, and taking away the presence of an audience and their responses. “[theater] is not meant to be viewed digitally … How do you bridge the divide?” Wasson also admitted the benefit he had from working at a school with the resources that Deer Park has and the staff to help make this show a reality.
Women of Troy was filmed on Saturday, December 5 and edited for upload on Thursday the 10th. The department has uploaded it to YouTube to watch for free until Sunday. The entire company is excited to see this new experience come together and hopes that the students and staff of DPHS will enjoy this modern take on a Greek classic.

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