Christmas Around the World

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Christmas Around the World:

Natale, Navidad, Kerstmis, Vianoce, Natal, คริสต์มาส.

All these words, even if apparently different, means the same exactly thing: Christmas.

We’re used to celebrating Christmas in our own ways, but maybe we don’t know that it’s not the same in other parts of the world. This festivity, that for us is one of the main holidays, changes in several ways depending on the country where it is held. Europe is one continent that is similar to ours in Christmas traditions. ”Christmas in Italy is based on the family, basically it’s a festivity dedicate to it. It is a day of sharing that everyone enjoys and celebrates with enthusiasm. The main different is that here in the USA, the people have more Christmas spirit and they celebrate it fancier. I love it,” Sofia Carlettini said.

Even on the same continent, Europe has differences between the different countries. ” In Slovakia, we celebrate Christmas on 24th of December and also we don’t eat the whole day before dinner. We have dinner and then we go open the presents,” Klara Hanusova said.

On the other side of the world, there is Asia. Usually people don’t know a lot about that continent because it seems so far away from our culture. ”In Thailand, we don’t have Christmas. This is my first time that I’m going to celebrate it, and for me, it’s totally a new experience. I’m so excited!” Fha khantiteeratam said.

Last but not least, there is Brazil. This country celebrates Christmas a little bit different from us. ”In Brazil, there is a very common tradition among families and friends, called Amigo Secreto (secret friend). At the beginning of Decembers participants in the game write their name on a piece of paper. Each participant takes a paper and nobody reveals the name of the person on it. Throughout the month there are the exchange of presents and the people use fake names. The day of Christmas everyone reveals their secret friends and give them a special gift.”

Even if there are many different ways to celebrate Christmas, everyone should remember that it does not matter, Christmas is Christmas. It doesn’t matter where you are, just who is with you.

Happy holidays, everyone!


  1. People all around the world celebrate Christmas different from one another. In the USA is were they celebrate it a fancier way. In Europe they get together as a family and everyone enjoys it. In Brazil people exchange gifts with the random person they get at the beginning of December.

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