Art That Sticks

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“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, a phrase that most people use, whether it be towards how a new hairstyle looks on you to when you meet this “attractive” human being but everyone thinks the total opposite. It all just depends on the individual(s) point of view and how they interpret the subject. In this case it’s all about these fantastic tape murals that have been popping up in our mall. Our school’s Fine Arts department [specifically our art classes] actually worked on them near the end of Information Hallway and l had to see what it was all about. Being that I didn’t know much about why this was done I spoke to our fellow art teachers about this whole deal.

In the process, I found out that not only did this make our mall all jazzed up but each design and detail had a meaning behind it and for why the whole project was done in the first place. “The purpose was to be using different shading techniques with a different medium that could not be erased, the usual way of doing a line drawing.” said art teacher Debi Yeiter. So basically the game plan was to go out and learn how to place small drawings in a picture plane, and the only place that was big enough for this was the mall’s brick wall. When asked about the meaning behind the tape murals, Yeiter explained “Most are just about wonderful, relaxing nature. But the one with the flower under a bulb is supposed to be about the idea that everything in the future, will be under a bulb to have clean oxygen to stay alive. The one with the shark was a funny look at an outlandish promposal.”

Notice how each design you see is different, the reasoning behind this is because the students worked in groups and stuck with a theme of their own, using their time to draw out the designs before eventually going forth with it. Different people have different perspectives, therefore I asked students to explain to me what they think these are about and what effect it’s had on their daily route to and from classes. “I think that each one has a unique feel to it.” said senior Isabell Tenorio. “Individually, they are interesting and capture a different feeling, but together, they give a sense of craziness that really represents the school and it’s students. I personally enjoy looking at them as I walk down the hall, it brightens my day.” “The tape murals are engaging and beautiful,” said junior Skylyr Wells. “I adore how the art speaks through to the students and inspires creativity. I can’t help but smile out of pure satisfaction and pride in my school when I see the tape murals.” As for what one of our many art teachers wanted us to get from these is that art is everywhere and it could be made out of anything. You just have to take the time to enjoy each piece.

As wonderful as the tape murals are, they’re only temporary and will, sadly, be taken down any time now so next time around make sure to stop and take the time to find out what that piece of art means to you. Not to worry if you missed them though because the whole school could look forward to the new mosaic mural that’s made out of crayons that’ll become a permanent display to our hallway in the upcoming year.

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