Are You Listening?

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Music can be either good or bad for you, depending on your mental state and how often you listen to it. Most often music is used as entertainment and can be considered as poetry. Most often it is viewed as a way for someone to express themselves to the world, and send a message to their listeners. But what can be considered as the bad and the good of music?

There are times when music can be good for you. Music can not only soothe you, but it can perk you up at the same time. If you’re ever down and need something to get you up and going again, music can help you. It can be really helpful with depression because when listening to music, it can help improve your mood and possibly your mental state. Another reason why music is good for you is that it helps with creativity and productivity. When doing a task, music makes it more enjoyable and helps get things done quickly. That’s why when it’s cleaning day at a household, music does make the day go by faster.

“Music is good for you because it can help soothe you and concentrate better. I use music whenever I do homework and I always get it done more quickly than when I don’t listen to music,” Alisa Chavez, a music enthusiasts, said.

On the flip side, it can also be harmful. One of the main problem that some people run into is hearing loss. If listening to overly loud music is kept up, there is a higher chance that hearing loss will occur. And it is very easy to know since a ringing sound in your ear that comes from time to time will be a warning.

Not only can music make you lose your hearing, but it can raise anxiety and depression levels in some by listening to sadder songs. So if you are ever feeling down, make sure to listen to upbeat songs to help dull it. Parents have a problem with their children listening to music that influence them into making a bad decision or has a negative message that could harm the child’s mental state. Especially with today’s music which can be inappropriate and sometimes gives a bad message to listeners, especially if they are young and impressionable. Many artist like 50 cent, Flo Rida, Fifth Harmony, and even Beyonce can produce a message that may not seem appropriate at first listen, but actually can be if the meanings are delve into further. Parents are often just scared that their kids may end up harming themselves in the long run.

“Music is bad when used wrongly. Like for an example, a lot of the popular songs is about heart breaks or something that isn’t legal for kids. And kids listen to those songs everyday. Songs should have a nice message, not influence kids into doing something they’re not suppose to do,” Alessandra Moreno, a music lover said.

There’s a reason to why we choose to listen to the songs we hear to. Whether it makes us feel sentimental or maybe makes us want to dance along. If it makes you happy or make you feel something, add it to your playlist.

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