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Creative writing is a great outlet for teenagers. In the new creative writing club, known as the Scribe Tribe, teens get to write about what they love or hate, or about how they’re feelings. Kelly Solis loves to write. She’s the co editor-in-chief for the school newspaper, The Antler, and founder/president of the Scribe Tribe. Solis has always loved writing and started the club because she felt that the school didn’t have a club that let students express themselves through writing. Classes like English and Newspaper allow students to write, but there are certain ways students have to write. With creative writing, students can express themselves in any way they want.

“In classes, you’re always focusing on analytical essays and rhetorical analysis stuff, so you don’t really have the opportunity to write a poem about how you’re feeling or just random stuff such as dogs. So I really wanted to start the club for that purpose and to spread my passion and love for writing with other students and just to see who’s interested,” Solis said.

With creative writing, students can express themselves in a healthy manner and gain a valuable skill while doing so. Students learn grammar and punctuation while also getting to write a short story, poem, or even a song that expresses their feelings or something they enjoy. They learn where to put a comma, when to use a semicolon, among other things that could help further their knowledge in both grammar and punctuation.

“We will definitely spend time with exploring and learning more about grammar things and rules about writing. We do kinda want to get away from that though, we’re not going to focus so heavily on that just because it’s what you learn in English class,” Solis said.

Creative writing is all about imagination. It’s about processing and thought. New worlds can be created, new politics, creatures with sharp claws or eyes that can see in the dark, magic that grows plants or freezes water, love stories that melt the heart, and people who are all different in their own way. All it takes is someone with an imagination and the motivation to make it happen. Being able to express oneself is important, whether expression is through writing, art, or music. Without self expression humans would all be the same. We’d be interested in the same things and wear the same clothes. Everyone would be the same; everyone would be boring. But now there’s a club for the writers of Deer Park High School. The club meets every other Monday in Mr. Carson’s room, 2224 on Less Traveled Road.

“In a fast-paced, chaotic world, creative and imaginative writing offers a rare opportunity to slow down and contemplate experiences (our own and others). This can be seen in all quality writing—from science-fiction to Shakespeare—and I hope to allow students the opportunity to re-imagine their world with fellow writers and readers. Of course, I also hope they become better writers, but that’s secondary to hanging out with a great group of storytellers,” the Scribe Tribe sponsor, Michael Carson, said.

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