A Night of Memories and Fun

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The 2016 senior prom will be held on May 14th at Moody Gardens in Galveston. Over 800 students are expected to attend along with their escorts. The seniors will be invading the dance floor.

Planning for prom began in November. It takes a lot of preparation. It’s always on a Saturday because the students want to go to locations to take pictures and do make-up and get ready. “It’s a special reward for seniors,” Prom conductor, Donna Henson said.

Consequently many will stay the weekend in Galveston. Beach houses and condo hotels are booked for that weekend. Most students go in together with a group of friends to reserve a place to stay. “Getting the beach house booked and all the plans together was much harder than I expected. It took a lot of work and many meetings to get everyone on the same page. All in all, it took about two months to get a concrete plan and get everything ready and booked,” senior Savannah Gibson said.

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